Thursday, October 15, 2009

6dpo no exciting results

It's 6dpo and no exciting results to report today. Tests are the same as yesterday; both negative.

Clear Blue again has a faint line but the equate look alike does not, I'm really starting to dislike Clear blue at this point.. You can see what I mean in the picture, there is a very faint line on the CB.

The reason I know it isn't an early positive is because, 1: I'm only 6dpo and, 2: the nurse told me that the other test WILL get positive before the Clear Blue so I'm expecting that to happen; provided I actually am pregnant.
I'm pretty sure I'm not preggo this cycle, I can just tell. I normally need medical intervention to get pregnant and i haven't received any so, my chances aren't very high...

Here is the pic for your viewing pleasure:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

5dpo testing started yesterday for my clinical trial

OK, So today is 5dpo and it's my second day for testing with my clinical tests. Yesterday a 4dpo I obviously expected to see nothing; that's exactly what i saw, nothing.
I couldn't even see a hint of a line, not that I expected to, I'm just saying.
I completely don't think this is my month anyway so I'm not expecting a positive. My temps aren't higher than normal and i jut don't feel it this month.

It turns out that the avonno tests look and preform what seems to be exaclty like an Equate pink + | test, which I know to be super early tests. Apparently, this test is supposed to be even more sensitive than Equate.

Here is a pic of my tests from today:

The Clear Blue appears to have an extremely, extremely faint line at just the bottom half, which may not be visible in the picture. I don't trust or take any stock in Clear Blue at all as they have tricked me before. I will only believe a positive on one of them if it's a screaming one. the Equate look alike preformed flawlessly and gave me a clear negative.

Upon further inspection of the Clear Blue the very faint thick line has now turned into a more visible very thin line. Hence the reason to never look at a test past the time limit.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I've landed the best gig ever!

Seriously people, I've landed the best gig ever! I'm doing a clinical study on PREGNANCY TESTS!!!! Ahhh, I can't believe it!

I get to tests super early PG tests from day 20 of my cycle, yes day twenty of my cycle!! That should put me at either 5 or 6DPO LOL!! I have exactly 40 HPTs in a huge bag 20 Clear Blue Early and 20 of some super early brand unapproved by the FDA (yet). The nurse running the study seems to think that the Avonno (short for brand name of unapproved tests) will pick up before the clear blue; I know clear blue to be quite sensitive so this should be interesting provided my body does what it's supposed to do and actually gets pregnant.

I'll take pictures as soon as I find my camera; we just moved so it's buried somewhere.
You have to see this bag of pee sticks they gave me I thought I died and when to POAS heaven!! I seriously wanted to dance the jig outside of the building as I didn't have too many details about the trial when I went in.

Oh yeah and the icing on the cake I'm getting PAID to do this and if I don't get pregnant this cycle I can do it again and again!!
I can't believe how sweet it is...ahhhh

Clear Blue Digital w/conception indicator