Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm back after a long break

I took a break there for a while and I'm back now. I'm happy to say that my sister is pregnant YAY!!! She just had her ultrasound today and there was one healthy little bean with a strong heartbeat!

I'm currently experiencing aunt flow...not fun :( BUT I'm optimistic for starting a new cycle. I did make an appointment with a RE (reproductive endocrinologist) a new RE; only new because the RE I used to see is no longer at the practice.
I'm hoping to accomplish a couple of things by seeing a RE. It's funny because pregnancy isn't the first thing on my list. I have been blessed with two wonderful children and my need for another child just isn't that dire. Don't get me wrong it's there but if it doesn't happen I'm completely fine with that. I am lucky enough to have experienced pregnancy and motherhood; there are women who would give anything to be in my shoes. Needless to say I'm happy with what I have but would be happy to have more, I mean who doesn't want more of a good thing.

The main reason for me seeing the RE is to get my PCOS under control. I'm lucky enough to have regular cycles after having 10% of my ovaries removed. I ovulate; I just don't get pregnant. I believe this to be due to the quality of my eggs; at least that what my old RE told me.
I think maybe my Insulin Resistance might be bad but I'm not sure as my primary care Dr. has no idea how to even do a fasting insulin! I asked for it and he made the lab slip for Glycohemoglobin ugh! They are different things. Also when I told my primary that I had PCOS he said "oh no, you're fine" I asked him "what; did you just say that I don't have it?" he said "yeah you're fine, you don't have that" I then laughed and said "yes I do; it's actually been confirmed by ultrasound and blood work" He said "oh, OK" I then said to him " I don't understand why it's so hard to get diagnosed or for Dr.'s to realize that I do actually have PCOS!" He proceeded to say that now there are newer diagnoses and blah blah blah...
He doesn't believe I have it so he won't treat it with what it needs to be treated with Metformin. A RE will treat this and my SLIGHTLY raised TSH levels (that regular Dr. won't fix).
I believe once everything is being treated I will be able to get pregnant on my own; I'm not willing to go through what I did last time. I just hope that it can get fixed, be healthy and pregnancy will be the result.

Then there is always a chance I will get PF before my appointment on Sept 21!! Fingers crossed.

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