Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ferning after ovulation

So I've been doing a little research on ferning after ovulation. If you use a ovulation microscope you may be inclined to check for ferning after ovulation.
I've been interested this myself as there is a chance we may have caught that egg. Against Dr.'s wishes as I just had surgery 8 weeks ago.

So I've had full ferning or partial ferning since 5dpo, and I've been going cazy trying to figure out if it could mean anything.

Here's what I've found:

A positive reading on the maybe baby is a the apprearance of full ferning structures. These full fern patterns indicate that oestrogen levels are at there peak which occurs immediately before ovulation.

So if you are getting partial ferns at other times in the cycle this is normal because women constantly have oestrogen in their saliva throughout their whole cycle. so seeing patial ferns through your cycle is not an indication that there is anything wrong.

If however you get full ferns constantly throughout your whole cycle then this may indicate either unbalanced oestrogen levels whcih can be an indication of a hormonal problem such as PCOS, but this would have to be diagnosed with other tests as well, but it would give you an indication that there may be something wrong with your hormonal balance. But if you have been using the maybe baby regularly over consecutive months and this is the first time you have had full ferning continue it could just be freak occurance, so continue to test next cycle as per usual and if you return to your normal readings then I would think nothing to worry about hormonally.

Another option for this full ferning occurence even after ovulation has occured is because conception has taken place becasue oestrogen and other hormones will rise to sustain the pregnancy until the placenta kicks in to take over. I know you said you had intercourse about 5 days before ovulation well this could be enough to get you pregnant as sperm can live in the female reproductive tract for many days depending on how verile it is and how hospitable the vaginal conditions are at that time.

I would suggest you start testing with the pregnow pregnancy tests every 2nd day as these are ultrasensitive and can detect pregnancy from 7 days past ovulation or known date of conception date. So if your period is due MOnday it should start showing a light positive or maybe in the next few days. Morning sickness is caused by the change in hormones so it may be possible your symptoms are pregnancy related but you wont know until you start testing.

Well alright then. Not really a straight answer BUT it could indeed mean pregnancy. If you've gotten ferning after ovulation and been pregnant or not please comment and let me know!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The OSOM HCG card, never an evap?

OSOM pregnancy test, that's what I'm using today among others of course. Here is the thing with the OSOM they do NOT give evap lines. Never have I even heard of an actual evap on one. Extremely early positives YES, even picking up chemicals YES, but never ever an evap. So what's the deal with my tests? Well I know it's barely possible for me to get pregnant so I'm having a hard time believing that I could actually be pregnant; a really hard time actually. So I'm thinking maybe these tests could of have changed? Maybe I just have a tiny amount of HCG in my system that these tests pickup? Maybe I'm seeing things? Maybe, dare I say that I could actually be pregnant?
Who knows...I want to add pictures to this badly but DH is home as it's a Sunday and I can only imagine what he would think if I started snapping pics of my tests that he doesn't even know I'm taking.
I do promise that tomorrow there will be pictures! As for now I'm calling these almost invisible lines a figment of my imagination.

7 or 9dpo??

I'm completely confused about what day I ovulated. Here is m chart I'm seriously confused, I never really had a blaring positive OPK test and I was using the Cue II ovulation monitor. The Cue II proceded to give me low (peak) VJ readings on the days after we DTD so it was really hard trying to figure out what was a real low. I'm thinking that CD13 was my (peak) meaning I'd ovulate that day or the next; which I would believe except that I hadn't had a + opk yet. but the next accurate VJ reading I got was on CD15 and it was way up and it's been up since so I had to have O'd between CD13-15. That's a pain becasue I have no idea how many DPO I really am GRRR.

As if DPO matters anyway because I'm a crazy, insane, early tester. Well, this crazy insane early tester actually received my OSOM Genzyme HPTs the other day, three days ago to be exact.
I jumped up and took one right away, during the time limit and beyond it was clearly negative. I was what maybe 5-7DPO. BUT (drum roll please) after the limit, after it had dried, there was what I thought to be a faint line. Maybe, just maybe a line like where the + line should be. But I wasn't convinced because it seemed like it was too close to the control line.
I tested again yesterday and again a faint line...and I'm talking faint, so faint. It seemed that the first line was in the right place as this one had the same like but maybe a teeny teeny bit darker...just maybe.
Well, here I am today and of course I've tested and I'm now waiting until after the limit LOL to check the darn thing. As of now it's clearly BFN.

Friday, February 19, 2010

5DPO today

Today is cycle day 20 and I'm what I believe to be 5dpo. I'm not really having any symptoms so far, maybe a little tired but that always happens. It's nothing to really take note of.
I did bite the bullet and buy some of the genzyme OSOM tests so if by chance I actually am knocked up (highly doubtful) then I should be able to catch it by 8 or 9dpo. I'm very excited to have my favorite tests and I'll be sure to update with pics.
I did invest in a CUE II fertility monitor this month but it's very confusing and I think I'm just going to sell it; I'm not positive though.

It's now been nearly a year that we have been trying; in March it will officially be a year. Out of the 11 moths so far we've maybe missed 2 and had bad timing on 1 or 2. That leaves about 8 eight cycle with perfect timing and nothing. I know I don't get pregnant easily and there really isn't much that I can do as far as regulating my hormones or making them better. Possibly diet and exercise but I'm just not ready to go hard core with the exercise and my guess is that's what it would take.

My insurance no longer covers infertility treatment so I'm on my own, and let me tell you baby fever is kicking in; I'm not getting any younger! Nevermind the fact that everyone around me is pregnant and having babies. It's kind of depressing but I already have two beautiful children and If I can't have anymore then it's no big deal.

Clear Blue Digital w/conception indicator