Friday, February 19, 2010

5DPO today

Today is cycle day 20 and I'm what I believe to be 5dpo. I'm not really having any symptoms so far, maybe a little tired but that always happens. It's nothing to really take note of.
I did bite the bullet and buy some of the genzyme OSOM tests so if by chance I actually am knocked up (highly doubtful) then I should be able to catch it by 8 or 9dpo. I'm very excited to have my favorite tests and I'll be sure to update with pics.
I did invest in a CUE II fertility monitor this month but it's very confusing and I think I'm just going to sell it; I'm not positive though.

It's now been nearly a year that we have been trying; in March it will officially be a year. Out of the 11 moths so far we've maybe missed 2 and had bad timing on 1 or 2. That leaves about 8 eight cycle with perfect timing and nothing. I know I don't get pregnant easily and there really isn't much that I can do as far as regulating my hormones or making them better. Possibly diet and exercise but I'm just not ready to go hard core with the exercise and my guess is that's what it would take.

My insurance no longer covers infertility treatment so I'm on my own, and let me tell you baby fever is kicking in; I'm not getting any younger! Nevermind the fact that everyone around me is pregnant and having babies. It's kind of depressing but I already have two beautiful children and If I can't have anymore then it's no big deal.

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