Sunday, February 21, 2010

The OSOM HCG card, never an evap?

OSOM pregnancy test, that's what I'm using today among others of course. Here is the thing with the OSOM they do NOT give evap lines. Never have I even heard of an actual evap on one. Extremely early positives YES, even picking up chemicals YES, but never ever an evap. So what's the deal with my tests? Well I know it's barely possible for me to get pregnant so I'm having a hard time believing that I could actually be pregnant; a really hard time actually. So I'm thinking maybe these tests could of have changed? Maybe I just have a tiny amount of HCG in my system that these tests pickup? Maybe I'm seeing things? Maybe, dare I say that I could actually be pregnant?
Who knows...I want to add pictures to this badly but DH is home as it's a Sunday and I can only imagine what he would think if I started snapping pics of my tests that he doesn't even know I'm taking.
I do promise that tomorrow there will be pictures! As for now I'm calling these almost invisible lines a figment of my imagination.

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