Sunday, February 21, 2010

7 or 9dpo??

I'm completely confused about what day I ovulated. Here is m chart I'm seriously confused, I never really had a blaring positive OPK test and I was using the Cue II ovulation monitor. The Cue II proceded to give me low (peak) VJ readings on the days after we DTD so it was really hard trying to figure out what was a real low. I'm thinking that CD13 was my (peak) meaning I'd ovulate that day or the next; which I would believe except that I hadn't had a + opk yet. but the next accurate VJ reading I got was on CD15 and it was way up and it's been up since so I had to have O'd between CD13-15. That's a pain becasue I have no idea how many DPO I really am GRRR.

As if DPO matters anyway because I'm a crazy, insane, early tester. Well, this crazy insane early tester actually received my OSOM Genzyme HPTs the other day, three days ago to be exact.
I jumped up and took one right away, during the time limit and beyond it was clearly negative. I was what maybe 5-7DPO. BUT (drum roll please) after the limit, after it had dried, there was what I thought to be a faint line. Maybe, just maybe a line like where the + line should be. But I wasn't convinced because it seemed like it was too close to the control line.
I tested again yesterday and again a faint line...and I'm talking faint, so faint. It seemed that the first line was in the right place as this one had the same like but maybe a teeny teeny bit darker...just maybe.
Well, here I am today and of course I've tested and I'm now waiting until after the limit LOL to check the darn thing. As of now it's clearly BFN.

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