Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ferning after ovulation

So I've been doing a little research on ferning after ovulation. If you use a ovulation microscope you may be inclined to check for ferning after ovulation.
I've been interested this myself as there is a chance we may have caught that egg. Against Dr.'s wishes as I just had surgery 8 weeks ago.

So I've had full ferning or partial ferning since 5dpo, and I've been going cazy trying to figure out if it could mean anything.

Here's what I've found:

A positive reading on the maybe baby is a the apprearance of full ferning structures. These full fern patterns indicate that oestrogen levels are at there peak which occurs immediately before ovulation.

So if you are getting partial ferns at other times in the cycle this is normal because women constantly have oestrogen in their saliva throughout their whole cycle. so seeing patial ferns through your cycle is not an indication that there is anything wrong.

If however you get full ferns constantly throughout your whole cycle then this may indicate either unbalanced oestrogen levels whcih can be an indication of a hormonal problem such as PCOS, but this would have to be diagnosed with other tests as well, but it would give you an indication that there may be something wrong with your hormonal balance. But if you have been using the maybe baby regularly over consecutive months and this is the first time you have had full ferning continue it could just be freak occurance, so continue to test next cycle as per usual and if you return to your normal readings then I would think nothing to worry about hormonally.

Another option for this full ferning occurence even after ovulation has occured is because conception has taken place becasue oestrogen and other hormones will rise to sustain the pregnancy until the placenta kicks in to take over. I know you said you had intercourse about 5 days before ovulation well this could be enough to get you pregnant as sperm can live in the female reproductive tract for many days depending on how verile it is and how hospitable the vaginal conditions are at that time.

I would suggest you start testing with the pregnow pregnancy tests every 2nd day as these are ultrasensitive and can detect pregnancy from 7 days past ovulation or known date of conception date. So if your period is due MOnday it should start showing a light positive or maybe in the next few days. Morning sickness is caused by the change in hormones so it may be possible your symptoms are pregnancy related but you wont know until you start testing.

Well alright then. Not really a straight answer BUT it could indeed mean pregnancy. If you've gotten ferning after ovulation and been pregnant or not please comment and let me know!


  1. How did this work out for you?

  2. i have been charting my ovulation as my partner and i are ttc last night i had what i thought were early mild period pains this morning i did my saliva based ovulation test and it had clear ferning so i did one of my urine ovulation tests and that was negitive im confused which one is right
    ovulation tester

    1. Hi Adelle,

      It can be tough with the ovulation microscopes, different things can offset results at certain times. For instance, I found that if I had a salt heavy meal the day before, sometimes in the morning it would cause ferns to appear. Given that yesterday was Thanksgiving your salt intake may have been above average due to eating food that others may have prepared.

      It may be best to try again later today. Wait 30 mins after you've eaten, rinse your mouth with plain water, wait 10 mins and try the microscope again. If you can, use a q-tip to gather saliva under your tongue to apply to the scope.

      Also, ovulation tests perform better in the afternoon than in the morning. Try not to drink too much fluid and hold your urine for as long as possible and retest in the afternoon/evening.

      If the ferns are accurate the ovulation test will confirm it. When in doubt always trust the urine test and body signs such as cervical fluid, placement and texture.

      Good luck and baby dust!


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