Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My first post and a bit about my story...

A brief introduction...

My name is Allicia and I am a POAS-aholic (hi Allicia) :) I've long been addicted to taking HPTs, if you are here reading this I'm assuming you know what HPT stands for. I frequent most TTC website and obsess over other peoples faint BFP pics. It eases my desire to POAS...I just love looking at other people's tests when I don't have my own to obsess over LOL. I know that I'm not the only one who has this addiction and many women share it with know who you are :)

I figured why not blog about it? I figured it would be good to share what I go through and let other people in on the amount of info I have.

The way my addiction started; and yes I'm referring to it as an actual addiction. I had a struggle with infertility it's what I would consider kind of long; two years. I think it would have been much longer but I was aggressive enough to search doctor after doctor until I got the answer I wanted.
Infertility changes a person in ways which I can't explain. I have a sense of how special my children really are and I'm thankful for them everyday; even when they are driving me crazy :) I mean I could be without them like so many women are, makes me want to cry just thinking about it. I've also learned a new respect for life in general; pregnancy wise I mean. So very many people take it for granted and it will STILL strike a nerve with me when people refer to getting pregnant as an easy task. How dare they???? They obviously have no idea what I went through or what millions of women with fertility issues struggle with everyday!

Anyway, I feel for each and every woman whom is or has struggled with infertility. I'm so sorry that you have to go through it.

With that being said; infertility started my addiction to the stick...and here I am LOL Six years and two kids later and still addicted WTH!

Join me for my testing craziness and boatloads of info about HPT aka home pregnancy tests, OPK aka ovulation predictor kits, and every other test there is! Plus lots of giveaways!! It's going to be an adventure, I hope you stick around.

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