Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OPK drama..

My body can't make up its mind this month as for what it wants to do....O or not O...who knows.
Here is my OPK drama so far this cycle; I'm so very confused about what it wants to do??

Below are my OPKs, they are the Answer test strips that come in 20 per pack. I'm not a huge fan but they were the cheapest I could find in a hurry.

I started testing at CD10 and I'm currently still testing because I'm not even sure ovulation has happened.

It appears to be positive at CD14 which would be "normal" for my cycles, except that I had no EWCM, no O pains, and no clear thermal shift until later. I had a positive test again on CD16 and EWCM in abundance BUT no real ovulation pains, again the next day + tests, EWCM but no real O pains!! What in the world it going on?!?!? It's like my body it trying to O but can't lol.

I'm thinking I've already ovulated now because I have 3 days of higher temps (chart) and I'm thinking I might have a bit of breast tenderness. I can't tell if it's really there or not though LOL. I'm obviously going crazy this cycle!

I did actually take a pregnancy test yesterday because FF was telling me I was 7dpo and well no self respecting POASaholic could resist a chance to pee on a stick at 7dpo. It was a blue dye test and they aren't the most reliable but it's all I have in the house right now. I'm waiting on a delivery of Internet cheapie HPTs. The picture below for your viewing pleasure:

Top test is my sisters from 7DPO she is 14DPO today and awaiting the arrival of Aunt Flow; she isn't currently trying and they had an accident on CD13 and she O'd on day 14 so.....we shall see :) Bottom test with black dot is mine from yesterday; supposed 7dpo from FF yesterday but has now been changed to 3dpo.
I see a darker fatter blue line on mine hummmmm what could this mean...probably nothing but it gives me something to obsess over so I'm happy LOL

I'm awaiting a package of Clear Blue Digital pregnancy tests and Ovulation tests, that I bought from a mama on a forum I frequent. 14 HPTs and 20 something ovulation tests! I plan to use the HPTs for a little experiment!

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