Wednesday, October 14, 2009

5dpo testing started yesterday for my clinical trial

OK, So today is 5dpo and it's my second day for testing with my clinical tests. Yesterday a 4dpo I obviously expected to see nothing; that's exactly what i saw, nothing.
I couldn't even see a hint of a line, not that I expected to, I'm just saying.
I completely don't think this is my month anyway so I'm not expecting a positive. My temps aren't higher than normal and i jut don't feel it this month.

It turns out that the avonno tests look and preform what seems to be exaclty like an Equate pink + | test, which I know to be super early tests. Apparently, this test is supposed to be even more sensitive than Equate.

Here is a pic of my tests from today:

The Clear Blue appears to have an extremely, extremely faint line at just the bottom half, which may not be visible in the picture. I don't trust or take any stock in Clear Blue at all as they have tricked me before. I will only believe a positive on one of them if it's a screaming one. the Equate look alike preformed flawlessly and gave me a clear negative.

Upon further inspection of the Clear Blue the very faint thick line has now turned into a more visible very thin line. Hence the reason to never look at a test past the time limit.

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