Thursday, October 15, 2009

6dpo no exciting results

It's 6dpo and no exciting results to report today. Tests are the same as yesterday; both negative.

Clear Blue again has a faint line but the equate look alike does not, I'm really starting to dislike Clear blue at this point.. You can see what I mean in the picture, there is a very faint line on the CB.

The reason I know it isn't an early positive is because, 1: I'm only 6dpo and, 2: the nurse told me that the other test WILL get positive before the Clear Blue so I'm expecting that to happen; provided I actually am pregnant.
I'm pretty sure I'm not preggo this cycle, I can just tell. I normally need medical intervention to get pregnant and i haven't received any so, my chances aren't very high...

Here is the pic for your viewing pleasure:

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